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ADA Braille Signs

Bella Engraving can help make your facility accessible to the blind, visually-impaired, and mobility-impaired with ADA compliant braille signs. We provide signage for contractors, architects, property managers, designers, business owners and many others in need of braille signage. Bella Engraving offers wholesale pricing to sign companies. Our signs have been used in hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, medical offices, restaurants, and other public facilities.

We fabricate standard or complex signs. Choose from many color combinations and materials. From standard signs to custom designed window signs.  We offer various shapes, square corners, rounded corners, frameless and framed signs. 

*** For more information, see our FAQ section below or give us a call.

*** For standard colors offered for background and text, view ADA Color Chart.

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What is the ADA?

American with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a civil rights law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of a disability. ADA guidelines are intended to remove barriers and make facilities accessible to the blind, visually-impaired, and mobility-impaired. All public facilities must take steps to comply with ADA guidelines.

For more information on the ADA, please go to

Who requires special signs under the ADA?

Among the public accommodations that require ADA signage are:

· Social service center establishments · Places of lodging

· Places of education · Places of exhibition

· Places of recreation · Places of public gathering

Do you fabricate custom designed ADA signs?

Yes. We fabricate standard or complex signs. Choose from many color combinations and materials. Simple signs can be attractive by enhancing them with a frame. Ask about our variety of frames.

How do you create Braille dots?

We use the Raster™ Method for ADA Signs. It incorporates round acrylic spheres that are press-fit into predrilled holes in the sign.

Is the Raster™ Method compliant with ADAAG and ANSI - Federal Regulations?

Yes. It is 100% ADA compliant with the latest laws and regulations. In fact, it is being specified by many architects, designers, and facility managers as the preferred method of fabricating Braille. It is extremely durable and weatherproof.

Do you offer signs with windows or changeable messages?

Yes we do. We offer signs with windows or clear lenses so that you can conveniently insert paper nameplates.